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Home of the Original Cheese Doodles

Home of the Original Doodle

Eat. Better. Food.

Perfection In Every Bite

Better Ingredients

We think of you when we source each ingredient focusing on flavorful, safe, and quality. We begin and end with top-tier ingredients so that even our most basic pizza doesn’t taste basic.

Made Fresh Daily

Dough is made fresh daily and is created with flavor that you will actually want to eat the crust.

The Perfect Bite

With top ingredient we orchestrate the perfect bite, keeping each bite a peak tasting experience. And no more eating through your crust just to find toppings, each bite has lots of toppings helping you feel full faster.

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Summit Pizza Co.


The Summit Pizza Co. has developed a reputation of quality and value in this community. Superior quality is achieved through “old time” methods. The dough is made daily from scratch, not by using a frozen hockey puck dough like object which comes out of the freezer made by some factory in the Mid West.

The Small Things

Making the dough fresh allows us to compensate for changes in the temperature humidity and holding times, giving our customers a unique consistent experience. All ingredients are carefully chosen and we can tell you exactly where every ingredient came from.

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What They’re Saying About Us

“The best pizza!!! Seriously, so good! I highly recommend the cheese doodles too! Also, every single time I have come to this location they have treated me like gold! Top notch customer care!!!”

Kristen K.

“I love this team đź’‹ always super friendly, a place for the family or anything else. I will never change it for anything. The food is always so fresh and this place is always clean.. but my number one reason is just this amazing team. I love you Al!”

Sherley G.

“Great place to grab something when in a rush. Their customer service is fast, prices are convenient, awesome character. Keep up the good work”

Dangelo H.

“The service here is great! The employees are very accommodating and friendly. The pizza was fresh and loaded with toppings. The cheese doodles are delicious! I'll definitely be coming back again.”

Candice R.