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Summit Inn Pizza has a long legacy of pizza making…over 30 years of it! So why would you want to switch the name when it already had something going?

Originally the Summit Inn Pizza was named for the bed and breakfast that was part of it when it first opened. Summit Inn started its roots in a 100 year old building that brought a lot of history. Over 27 years, the pizza was built in a way so that people wanted to come again and again week after week. Having a business survive in a valley of only 3500 people isn’t easy so that is why there had to be wholesome products that locals wouldn’t regret eating. People built memories around Summit Inn when they would head to their cabins or spend a weekend camping in the Uinta Mountains. ┬áIt became a place of good food and good times.

Fast forward to 2020 and we have 4 locations in Kamas, Lehi, Provo, and Bear Lake. Summit Inn became known far and wide for their products but the experience and focus on customers wasn’t as evident in the brand. Hundreds of people would walk into each store and still not know it was Summit Inn Pizza. We frequently would hear, “I just went to your Lehi store. I saw the name on the building and still wasn’t sure if it was the Summit Inn in Kamas. Even when I walked in I wasn’t sure. However, as soon as I tried the pizza I knew it was the right place.”

We felt we needed to more readily establish the brand so that the customers who love us can walk into any store and know what to expect. So for that reason we have started to transition all of the pizza places to the name Summit Pizza Co. The other reason we got rid of the “Inn” is because we were tired of getting phone calls asking whether or not we had any open rooms for this weekend haha!

Summit Pizza Co will be positioned so that our products aren’t the only highlight of the experience.

Here are some of the focuses and changes to be implemented in all Summit Pizza Co’s by May.

  • We want to highlight the customers who are a part of supporting us
  • We are highlighting the memories of the outdoors and family gatherings around the pizza
  • We are placing more emphasis on our famous Cheese Doodles!
  • We are finalizing our APP that will allow us to bring the pizza to your car for easy pickup
  • We are focusing on a more generous and easy to use reward system
  • We are expanding to cater your events (imagine doodles…freshly made for everyone)
  • We are expanding ability to cater large business with ability to feed more than a 1000 people in 20 minutes.
  • We are putting greater emphasis on employee training and career development
  • We are striving more to build the communities were we are at with donations and sponsorships
  • We are creating a restaurant environment that is warm, inviting, and leaves you feeling satisfied

While we do not plan to leave the legacy of Summit Inn in the shadows we do want to help our customers know that we are putting them more at the forefront. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn to get special updates and see the changes over the next three months.


Summit Pizza Co

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